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"creativity is intelligence having fun." --albert einstein


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This is May, business owner and designer.

From Baghdad to Boston, from the Cradle of Civilization to the New World.  May Khudairi is an Iraqi Artist who loves to share her rich culture through the Arts with a fusion of traditional and modern forms.  

Who we are!

Shako Mako House is a Design Consulting business made up of a team of designers run by May Khudairi. The term Shako Mako is a Modern Mesopotamian phrase meaning "What's up!" and "What's going on, whats not going on?". It literally it breaks down to "Sho Ako Sho Mako". "Ako and "Mako" are ancient Mesopotamian standard words still used today in the Iraqi lingo. They are Akkadian (ancient Mesopotamian language) origin that has also been inherited in the Aramiac (language of Jesus) language. 


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Our Design Services:

- Web Design

- Graphic Design

- Photo retouching

- Illustration

- Motion Graphics

- Fine Art

- Henna Art

- 3-D Modeling

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بيت شكو ماكو